V3 AutoTrickler & AutoThrow for A&D


V3 AutoTrickler & AutoThrow for A&D

Includes everything you need to weigh powder quickly and accurately with your compatible A&D scale.

  • V3 AutoTrickler with adjustable mount
  • V3 AutoThrow with hopper and funnel
  • Electronics with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Glass cup, centering tray, and spare pulley belt

The A&D FX-120i is the ideal scale for pairing with the AutoTrickler, and provides the optimal integrated experience. This hybrid magnetic force restoration balance will not drift like load-cell based digital scales and will also allow you to sort brass, primers, and bullets with high precision.

This scale provides 1 milligram precision (approximately 1 kernel of average extruded powders) and is more than accurate enough for all forms of long range shooting. At this level of precision, powder weight will have a statistically negligible effect on muzzle velocity SD, and you can read more about accuracy here.

The scale itself is not included. You can buy it here: https://proshooting.shoplo.com/a-d-fx-120i-grain-balance-1880-x-0-02gn

A&D FX (and FZ) 120i / 200i / 300i / 500i are supported standard. The AutoTrickler electronics will fit into the expansion port in the rear of the A&D scale, are powered through the serial data connector on the scale, and the AutoThrow will mount directly to the top panel included with the scale.

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