5x-40x56 Gen II FFP

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Producent: March
Kod produktu: D40V56-G2


NEW for 2021 is the 5x-42x56 Gen II FFP FX Rifle Scope.
Mil-Rad & MOA Scopes. Illuminated & Non Illuminated options.

Generation II of a hot seller and all time favourite 5-40×56 Scope with precise 0.05MIL click adjustment. 5x-40×56 Gen II is an ultimate scope for serious competition shooters, enthusiasts and hunters who demand the utmost in optical/mechanical performance.

This new rifle scope as eight magnification ratios, including the highest magnification ratio in the first focal plane (FFP) configuration rifle scope made to date. The M-rad reticle scale value remains constant across the entire zoom range. It is easy to range the target without thinking where to set the zoom range. Additionally, with the capability to set any position as the zero point in elevation (0-set device), the shooter will never lose his starting calibration. This scope was designed to eliminate optical aberration without compromise, utilising high-end extra-low dispersion (ED) lenses.


New 5x40x56 Gen II First Focal Plane Reticle Scope (FFP)

A feature of First Focal Plane design, also known as FFP, is the reticle scale value does not change over the entire zoom range. Also the point of aim (POA) does not change over the entire zoom range. Using the reticle for ranging and also with trajectory drop charts is much simplified. However, the reticle scale will get thicker when magnification is increased.
The special reticle design in the March scope allows target acquisition quickly at both low and high magnification.

Oversized dials for elevation, windage, and side focus for easy adjustment.
The elevation dial has a 0-set function

Added features in 5-40×56 Gen ll are;
– Lockable turrets
– Fast focus eyepiece

5x-42x56 FX Gen II Detail Images


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