5-42X56 FFP High Master WA

Producent March

This March 5-42×56 High Master Wide Angle scope is developed for serious competition shooters,

enthusiasts and hunters who demand the utmost in optical and mechanical performance from their rifle scopes.

This rifle scope has at its heart the High Master lens system (with 2 super ED lenses),

which provides the highest level of optical quality.

The March 5-42X56 FFP High Master-Wide Angle has a total adjustment range of 40mrad,

which is eminently suitable for ELR shooting, without the need for a canted rail.

The eyepiece is the new March Wide Angle model that provides a greater field of view throughout the 8.4X zoom range.

Specification (It is unlikely but there may be a last minute change as we are currently conducting final acceptance tests.)

Effective lens diameter(mm) : 56mm temperature tolerant anti-drift

Windage/Elevation turret :1 click 0.1mrad, 10mrad per 1turn

Total travel amount : Elevation: 40mrad ,Windage: 14mrad

Illumination : 6 level illumination switch

Eyepeice : 26 degree wide angle, fast focus diopter

Body tube : 34mm diameter

Overall length : 358mm (14.1in)

Weight : 950g (33.5oz)

The reticle is a first focal plane (FFP) design intended for competition with precise holdovers without overpowering the sight picture.

Center dot and cross are illuminated with .2 mrad and .5 mrad hash marks.

Outside of the 2 mrad mark, the small hashes below the main line are at the same 0.2 mrad increment.

There is a small gap to the right of the 2 mrad mark.

Then the thicker line starts at 2.2mrad and goes on: 2.4, 2.6, 2.8, 3, etc.

0.5 mrad hashes above the main line will help with quick lead holds.

Reticles are specially designed for this scope and you can choose from 3 designs.


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